Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Master's Swim Team

"WHAM," I was jolted awake as my husband hit the bed causing it to shake.
"What was that?" I screamed. Apparently he was having a dream that he was playing defensive linebacker for his college alma mater and had just missed an interception. I rolled my eyes and was glad that it was nothing serious. My husband is known for his sleep talking.
I squinted through the darkness to the red lights on my alarm clock: "5:11 am". It was set for 5:15. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I wake up before dawn to swim with the local Master's swim team. I decided to just get out of bed four minutes early in order to avoid hearing the awful "BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!" that we all hate.
Stumbling through the bathroom I put on my swimming suit, brushed my teeth, grabbed my swim bag and the keys, and hopped in the car. I pulled into the Ella Redkey Pool at 5:28. As I walked in, I couldn't help but notice the 47 degree air nipping at my face. "Am I crazy?" I thought as I got ready to dive in the outdoor pool. Though the pool has geo-thermal heating and can therefore be open year round, the chill of the air is still cold.
After a short conversation with my coach I jumped in and began warming up. It took about twenty minutes before I stopped shivering and could enjoy my workout. I couldn't help but notice that the sun comes out later and later each day. I turned to Kevin—a fellow swimmer who has been on the team for years—"In the winter time is it dark for all of practice?"
"Um, yes. Yes it is," he said with a smirk.
"I think I'll take a break in the winter and start back in the spring," I couldn't bare the thought of doing this in the snow and the dark.
"Oh it's not so bad," he said encouragingly, though I still have my doubts.
When practice ended, it was hard to get out of the pool knowing that the wind would be blowing against my wet skin. I hurried to the locker room and took a hot shower. I arrived at home just in time to eat breakfast with my baby and husband (who was now awake and no longer missing interceptions).

THIS BLOG WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AS PART OF MY THIRTY DAY DIARY HERE: http://earthoutdoor.com/diaries-home/master-s-swimming.html