Thursday, October 4, 2012

Presidential Debate Recap

Just in case anyone missed it last night, here's the 30 second version:

After all was said and done, I think I was left only more confused about what they both want.


Pictures courtesy of here and here.


  1. You missed a very important summary.
    Mitt: Obama won't let you make your dreams come true.
    Barack: I killed Bin Laden.

  2. Aubrey at MomfiaTeesOctober 4, 2012 at 11:52 AM

    thanks for the recap, since I missed it. All I heard on Facebook is that Mitt wants to cut PBS. What about Downton Abbey?!?!?!

  3. Aubrey, Mitt says he will cut anything that is funded currently by borrowing money from China and if that means PBS then PBS will go. He said our economy is currently borrowing about a trillion dollars a year from China just to pay for all of our public programs and he wants to stop that.

  4. Many countries owe the US money so I have no problem borrowing from China. Leads to world peace as they then have a stake in our success. No one bombs their debtors! Can't figure out what is so bad about international cooperation and comerce. If everyone believes that China funds out social programs, maybe we should be thanking them instead of trying to make enemies out of them. Of course I also think that was a gross exaggeration on Romney's part because we all know that Saudi Arabia owns us or at least has us over a barrel....of oil.

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  7. All of Obama's policies and programs have been abject failures. He has no idea how to create jobs, a budget (let alone follow one) or run a business and especially not a country. During the debate Romney tried several times to educate him on creating jobs IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR where real jobs come from, how to increase the tax base and tax receipts to the government by lowering taxes and getting more people employed and how he (Romney) would do it. China has been our enemy since it became a communist country several decades ago. Now, Obama is involved in the biggest government cover-up and security scandal this country has ever witnessed. He and his administration have lied and lied over and over to the American people about what was known by whom and when it was known. It makes Watergate look like child's play in comparison. And, where is the media on this? Still covering for him as it has since he began his first campaign.

    Aubrey and Kristen shame on you for misstating facts about what Romney said in the debate. The summary that was given by Mog, although I love her dearly, is completely ridiculous. Mog is much too intelligent to have been confused by what was said in it, in my opinion. What has happened the last four years is Obama's fault: it is HIS fault. The problem is Obama has no record of success to run on and he knew it. Although, the way he blames Bush and others you would think they were still in office. He has accumulated more debt for us as a nation than ALL OTHER PRESIDENTS COMBINED.

    Shame on you also Katie for your gross misstatements or total intentional lack of listening, not hearing, or understanding of what Romney said. He factually stated that of every dollar we, the US, spend we borrow $.40. You say you don't care about that since other countries owe the US money. The US will never be repaid what it (we the taxpayers) are owed from other countries, if your statement is factual. We have time and time again forgiven the debt of other nations. Foreign Aid is given away. Is this what you mean? What foreign loans are you talking about? To what countries have they been made and in what amounts? Why are those debts never talked about by anyone in the government or financial circles as offsetting our national debt? I really don't know to what you are referring and this certainly was not mentioned in the debate.

    Are you willing to bet the financial future of Ruby, Ruby's children and her children's children on the whim that China will forgive our debt to them? If you and others who support Obama's fiscal policies of deficit spending, Democrat or Republican would listen to the honest, non-politically minded financial experts who are predicting devastating results to our economy because of the debt and continued borrowing (deficit) which increases that debt, not to mention, the interest on it you would not make such dangerous statements.

    One other thing, Katie. Romney spoke very pointedly about his energy policy which would make the US energy independent. Something in which Obama has no interest. All the natural gas and oil drilling that went on in the US during his time in office has been done on private land not public land. He will not allow any drilling for oil nor natural gas offshore or on public land. He wants us to continue to be dependent on foreign oil. His policies, in spite of what he says, show that to be true.