Monday, December 30, 2013

2013: How did it turn out? A list of excuses...

A year ago I posted my New Year's Resolutions for 2013 here. I just read through the list and I pretty much failed on each one of them... 
So rather than be upset about it, I think I'll just post my list of excuses here.
My resolutions will be in gray and my excuses will be in red:

January – Make it through the whole month without slipping on the snow. If successful, this may be the only January of my life to have succeeded in that (not counting the two Januarys I spent in South America).

Actually, I can't remember whether or not I did. So we'll say that I made it through the month--at least one resolution was off to a good start.

February – Act like a 26 year old. I’ll be nearing my late twenties, and ought to start acting like it.

As I reread this goal I actually was just stumped, "What does a 26 year old even act like anyway?" So, naturally I did what everyone does when they need the answer to a question--I googled "What does a 26 year old act like?" The first link were the Yahoo answers--most of which said 26 year olds should begin looking for a marriage partner. Um, I guess I already did that. So I can't very well do that now. Does that mean I'm acting like a 30 year old? 

March – Pinch at least 5 people on St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve always wanted to pinch random strangers I see in the store who don’t have green. This year, I’m going to do it.

I guess since I'm too much of an adult, I wasn't going to do something so embarrassing.

April – Plan at least three amazing April Fool’s pranks (friends/family: beware!)

Rather than fooling anyone, I was the fool (you can read about that here, I don't really want to remember the details again right now).

May – There will still be snow. My goal will be to set a cap on how much I can complain about it: No more than four times per day.

I FULLY completed this resolution! In fact I didn't complain about the snow once! (We'll keep it a secret that I moved to Eugene before May and there was no snow here at all)

June – Celebrate Camm’s birthday . . . something comes up every year so I miss it (like I have a baby, or am in a different state, or a different country)

I was throwing up instead. Happy pregnancy!

July – Take Ruby swimming every day. Don’t forget to get it on video so that when she’s in the Olympics in 19 years they can have it play during the commercials.

uh, same excuse as above: throwing up instead of swimming every day. Oh well, there's always next year, right?

August – Eat a Pronto Pup at the Tillamook County Fair (haven’t tasted the goodness since 2007 – way too long).

This is getting repetitive--but throwing up again. Didn't even make it to the fair.

September – Figure out something academic-ish to start since I won’t be starting school.

Maybe I'll count my 6 month review at my job for this one...? Probably pushing that too much.

October – Plan my Halloween costume more than two hours ahead of time (this will be a first).

Does planning Ruby's a week or two ahead of time count? If so, I completed this one...if not I'll use the excuse that I was busy being a mom.

November – Embrace my consumerist-American heritage and join in Black Friday (just to see what it’s like).

I slept in and hung out at my cousins' cabin all day. Why engage in consumerism when you can be lazy, relax and eat leftovers?

December – Celebrate Festivus (somehow we missed it this year).

Missed it again. Forgot to invite anybody. Pregnancy brain is the excuse, I guess?

How did I do? Are my excuses good enough?