Why Mlog and Clog?

The name: Mlog and Clog--not too creative. Just meshed the first letter of my name with "blog" then did the same for my husband. Thought about doing it for my baby too, but "Rlog" is a little hard to get off the tongue. 

The main author of the blog is Mlog (that's Miriam, but often called Molly). I mostly just think of the craziest stories that happen and write about them--never failing to include random pictures with my stellar artwork. 
I'm blogging because it is fun and to become rich and famous. ;)


  1. Checked out your blog and I LOVE it! I'm looking forward to following your family adventures. You remind me a lot of my family when my teenagers were little kids. You have so many great things ahead for you. It will fun to read about it as it all unfolds. :-)

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