Thursday, September 6, 2012

The sound we all hate: and our compromise

Everyone I know hates the sound of the alarm clock.
But everyone seems to have a different way of coping with the annoying sound.

There's the unintentional coping method that has happened to everyone at least once. The alarm becomes part of your dream. Maybe you're dreaming that you're making cookies and suddenly the oven timer starts beeping (really your alarm clock) and you are fighting to get the cookies out of the oven but an alien is attacking your house and it is impossible. Meanwhile you hear the beeping constantly and wake up an hour late.
Luckily this event is more rare in our house (good thing or else we'd be late to everything). So how do we cope with the sound we all hate? Camm and I have very different regular methods.

Camm's method ~ We'll call it "Love the ZZZZ's" or maybe "Snooze away!"

Camm likes that ease from restful sleep to wakefulness. He could go on and on with the snoozers until the very last possible second he can safely get ready.

I can't handle this. It  quadruples, quintuples, or hextuples the number of times you have to hear that horrible sound. And to me the "ease" from rest to wake is 30 minutes of anger that you aren't sleeping deeply.
I've got to do it at once. I set my alarm for the last possible second before I need to wake up. Then, one second I am awake, the next second I hear that terrible noise, hit it off as fast as I can and vow to not have to hear it again for 24 hours.

To make our methods work together, Camm has cut it down to 1 snooze which I can handle.

What methods do you have for dealing with the most annoying noise in the world?

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  1. I've put my alarm clock noise to dogs barking. It's not quite so bad as "that noise", but I don't ever want a dog now... wonder why... :)

  2. My alarm clock is screaming children... not sure if that's better or worse. :P

  3. I've been using a new app called Gentle Alarm on my Android smartphone. It has a pre-alarm that goes off about a half hour before the set alarm time; in both instances the volume starts low and gradually increases. While all this may be gentle, I've found since using it that more often than not, the sound becomes incorporated in a dream, and I'm not aware that it's actually my alarm. I wish I could train myself to recognize that the dream is really my alarm! It happened again this morning, where I dreamed I had a boombox/alarm and I couldn't get it to stop, no matter how many times I pressed the button. I showed it to several people, until I finally woke up and found once again it was my phone alarm. Tonight I'm going to try changing the sound to something more 'alarming' - sadly, nothing gentle about that.