Thursday, May 3, 2012

Advice board

This blog post may not be good for someone with a weak stomach, but the purpose is to help out those who may need it. Let's just say, I was SICK during pregnancy, and my heart goes out to all those going through the same thing. I include some words of advice here.

First, here is a note that Camm wrote me during pregnancy on the white board in our kitchen. We haven't erased it still (you can see the date on it) so that we remember how rough it was--it is a sort of birth control:

I was reminded the other day of one of MANY pregnancy/nausea stories. I had been throwing up all day and nothing sounded appetizing. Finally at about 10pm I realized that chicken nuggets sounded tasty. Naturally my most amazing hub in the world made a quick run to Wendy’s and came home with nuggets and barbecue sauce. Eating them never tasted so delicious. But when those things came up it was quite possibly one of the most painful things that I have ever experienced in my entire life. Turns out that barbecue sauce mixed with stomach juice is EXTREMELY acidic.

The thing about pregnancy is that you throw up everything. So its not a question of what is makes you throw up and what doesn't; it is a question of what comes up painlessly versus painfully.

So as to help out any pregnant or otherwise nauseas people, I thought that I ought to make a list of foods that aren’t so bad coming up, versus those that are bad coming up (I wish someone would have given me this list ahead of time rather than having to experience it myself through trial and error):

Foods painlessly barfed up
AVOID while prego!! (too painful!)
Mashed potatoes
Plain pasta
Barbecue anything (sauce, chips, etc)
Dill pickles
Orange juice
French fries
Tomatoes (sauce, ketchup, anything)
Citrus fruit

Do you have anything to add to either list? 


  1. Frozen yogurt curdles before/as it comes back up. :P It's on my avoid list.

  2. Taco Bell 1976, San Diego, a definite NO.

  3. Bananas come up quite nicely! And I think as long as you are hydrated it should help too. Cherry slushies aren't bad coming back up.

  4. What?! You're PREGNANT!?! Ha, Just kidding :)

    Oreo's and peaches aren't so bad coming up, but they sure are colorful! Chicken enchiladas however feel like death. :P

  5. PS you should get rid of word verification. :P

    1. Done. I didn't know I could do that so easily. Thanks!