Thursday, May 17, 2012

"This is an AB conversation so C your way out"

This post is a little embarrassing. Both me Camm and to me. But isn't it fun to laugh at yourself?

I talk to myself. I'm just going to admit that straight up. I do.
So Camm will sometimes hear me muttering under my breath and asks me what I'm talking about. I laugh and say "Hey Camm, you're not part of this conversation." It has kind of become a joke between us. Sometimes I'll repeat the popular phrase from elementary school, "This is an AB conversation, so C your way out". The only problem with that, is that it really isn't an AB conversation, more just an A conversation...

So anyway, the other day I was in the shower and talking to myself (of course). The next thing I knew, I heard Camm out of the door shout, "Oh dang it!"
"Camm, what's up?" I called (worried that something had happened to him or Ruby).
"Camm peeked his head in the door, "Uh, so I got out this cup to eaves drop on your conversation with yourself, and I didn't realize it had water in it. Now I'm all wet!"

Serves him right, don't you think?

Is anyone else a self-talker?


  1. hahaha
    What DO you talk about to yourself?

  2. I can't explain how much we loved this post!

  3. Yep. Home all day by myself now and why not say everything out loud. It helps clarify thoughts.

  4. Well I do incessantly - about absolutely everything....but then I'm old enough to be your mother!