Tuesday, September 25, 2012

passport addendum

Remember this? (My theory that no matter what, it is impossible to have a cute passport picture?)
Two things have happened since I typed that post.
1. I found my first passport ever.
2. Ruby had her passport pictures taken.

First, I mentioned that I was in that horrible "tween stage" that we can refer to as "the ugly years" of any girl's life. Being an awkward 12 year old apparently wasn't bad enough--I had to get a picture of me taken at the angle that best showed off the double chin and bangs I chopped myself:

Second, my sweet, adorable, precious princess got her picture taken. Normally this girl could be a baby model (not that I'm at all biased):
Photo courtesy of Anna-Alyse Photography
But sure enough, the passport picture made even this adorable girl look, well, you can just take a look yourself:
(Since I'm her mom, actually still think she looks cute even though she's angry)

Since last time I wrote about passports, my feelings toward them have only sharpened as I've realized the true nature of international travel: making us look as absolutely pathetic as possible.
"No, customs guy, I swear I'm just a normal person! Oh yeah, the picture..."