Thursday, September 27, 2012

Complete and Utter Humiliation

Guest Blogger: Ruby

Guys, I have a problem. Why is it that parents make it their personal mission to embarrass their kids?
So, when I was little (I mean, really little...before hair came along) my mom would put these absolutely RIDICULOUS bows on my head. I didn't even have any hair, yet she insisted on putting a hair bow.
Ridiculous, huh?
Fortunately for me, they were easy to take out. Being as they really weren't attached to anything (at least not hair), I could get it out in less than five seconds.

So now I actually have a little hair (emphasize the word little). BARELY enough to put a pony tail in. But my mom insists on sticking my hairs stick straight up off my head.
That's not all, sometimes she does two. Twice the embarrassment.
Has she even looked at how ridiculous it is? When she puts them in, I cry since I can't tell her that it looks horrible. She thinks I'm crying because it is uncomfortable. That's the least of my worries. I'm crying because she is making my few hairs that I have stick STRAIGHT in the air. Mom, people will see me!

The worst of it is this: I can't get those stupid black hair things out of the hair. They're too tight. So I am forced to spend the day in complete humiliation. If she's trying this hard to embarrass me now at age 1, I can't even bare to imagine how my life will be at age 15.
Any advice? Please?

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  1. If that's embarrassment then my kids must be HUMILIATED!!!lol

    1. But at least your kids have enough hair that it doesn't stick straight up! ;)