Thursday, April 5, 2012

Passport pics

3 Passports=3 Worst pictures that have ever been taken of me

The first time I got a passport I was in that "tween" stage of life--you know--where you're totally insecure about your self-image. As if being a chubby 12 year old wasn't already bad enough, they had to take a picture from the worst possible angle. I tried to find the picture for you to believe, but couldn't. I guess you'll just have to take my word that it was taken during the ugly years...
I thought then about drawing a picture (you know, my amazing stick figures), but I just can't do it justice. Again, you'll just have to take my word for it that that picture did not help my pre-adolescent self-esteem.

Five years later I was due for another picture. By this time I had at least grown out of the awkward chubby years, but for whatever reason they got a picture of me where I looked like I was on drugs (I swear I wasn't):
Check out those eyes.
A couple weeks ago I decided to get a new passport. The one from age 17 doesn't expire for two more years (when I turn 27) but I found out it costs the same to change your last name as it does to get a whole new passport.
Anyway, I went to Costco with a huge winter scarf and no make up on. I took off my coat, but it never crossed my mind to take off the scarf. I smiled for the picture and the lady said, "Close your mouth! You can smile, but NO TEETH!" I have no idea why she said that, because its not a rule. But alas, I obeyed:
What do I remind you of?

Cross your fingers that in ten years I'll be able to have a normal passport picture!

Anyone else have any bad passport picture stories?


  1. It IS a rule, actually. We all had to do the same thing. And I think you look very European.

    1. It can't be a rule because look at the one above. My teeth are glistening white there.

  2. I look like a white Asian with no neck in my photo. I was 17. I'm so happy to get a new passport this year. I've been offended that people let me into their countries with my photo. Do they really think I look like that?!