Saturday, September 22, 2012


I love my grandpa. We call him Papa. I remember when I was a little kid (I would guess around six years old—definitely not more than ten), Papa and his late wife Granny came to visit. I specifically remember sitting next to a globe we had in our basement and he told me stories about places he had travelled as a soldier during WWII. He pointed out Papua New Guinea and Japan on the globe—showing me the routes he took through the Pacific Ocean. I remember it was then that I realized that I really love Papa. I remember in my little six year old brain, I thought to myself, “I love my whole family. But I love Papa.” There was something different about him. Something about the way he loved me. I just really love him. Of course since age six, my love for Papa has only grown.
Today my sister called and told me that Papa was in emergency brain surgery and whether or not he would survive was up in the air. She told me to start praying.
When I got off the phone I knelt down with my baby girl. I thanked God for all of the good times that Papa has shared with me. And I asked Him, if it be His will, to keep Papa with us just a little longer. I’m not ready to part. My grandpa has told me that he doesn’t fear death. He has told me that we shouldn’t be sad when he dies because he has had a fabulous life and done everything that he wanted to do. He said that I should never feel sorry for him. But I know I will still feel sorry for myself! I’ll miss him dreadfully, even though he may feel like his life has been fulfilled.
I took my baby to the park where we often spend the afternoon. Today was different though. My mind was racing. As I watched kids climb on the monkey bars, kick soccer balls, play catch, and chase each other, I kept thinking about Papa. My little girl seemed different too. It was as if she understood. Most days she chases other kids around and goes down the slide at least 50 times. Today she just watched. I think her little mind was racing too. Together we sat. We thought of the beautiful earth God created for us, of the opportunity we have to live our lives to the fullest, and of the amazing example of a wonderful life Papa has given to us.
When we got home I found a message on my phone from my mom. Papa had finished the surgery and it had gone smoothly. Though the recovery will be long, he is expected to be home before too long. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have at least a little more time with Papa—who I love so dearly.

This happened yesterday, and all is going amazingly well. He is now out of the ICU and should only be in the hospital a couple of days. We're really lucky!
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