Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My type of sports

For those of you who don't know, my two favorite sports are running and swimming. These are two sports that the rest of the world only cares about once every four years for a three week period of time when they're on the olympics. But I actually like doing them all the time. Most people have never even been to a swim meet. Most people aren't even sad they've never been to one.
I don't understand why people wouldn't want to go to a swim meet...
So anyway, when I moved here, I decided I wanted to try something really fun: ROWING! So I emailed the president of the local rowing team and have been attending practices for the past few weeks.

This week I decided to make sure to watch rowing on the Olympics since I'm taking the sport up. After one heat, I turned to Camm and said, "The two sports I enjoy the most (swimming and running) are two of the most boring sports to watch. But now I'm taking up a sport which is even more boring to watch--didn't know that was possible." I mean, at least people like watching swimming and running once every four years. I'm not even sure that rowing has that going for itself.


  1. I watched it :) I think it would be way fun to do!

  2. You're taking a ROWING CLASS?! I didn't think that you could get more random, but you just did.


  3. your blog is amazing. new follower!