Thursday, August 2, 2012


Again, we're talking about my cute babe in the high chair:
So I started thinking the other day that Ruby is getting to not be a baby anymore, so I should start treating her like a toddler. I remembered back to when Camm and I worked with the toddlers in our church. My favorite activity was always the Play-doh (where Camm would run around stopping the kids from eating it, while I would sit and make snakes and balls with the play-doh--not really paying attention to any of the kids...)
Anyway, I made some salt dough and put it on her high chair to play with (knowing that she would obviously take after me and love the stuff.
So I sat and watched my girl with the salt dough in front of her:
She didn't do ANYTHING but glare at it.
So I did what any mom who really loves play-doh would do. I started brainwashing.
"Ruby, this is fun! Play! Play! Play!"
She continued to glare. So, I started building stuff. A snake, a ball (then I realized that was all I know how to make). So I stacked the balls and told her it was a snowman and that she should love it.
Still, she glared.
So, I gently leaned over and knocked the snowman over with my nose.
That's when the giggling began. Harder than I've ever heard her laugh before.
So I rebuilt the snowman and did it again. giggle and again...giggle...and again...giggle...and again.
But soon it wasn't me who was actually doing it. She reached out her little hand and was pulling on my hair making me do it over and over againn.
My hair was a mess, Ruby never actually touched the play-doh, my head was sore from everything, and somehow it was one of the funnest times of my life.

That little girl has me wrapped around her finger.

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