Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Caveman Camm takes on yet a new identity:

I know Caveman Camm doesn't have the best reputation. Remember this fateful event? Or the episode of him on laughing gas? Or how about some typical quotes?
Well, this Caveman Camm post is different. This is a post about the night that my dear Caveman Camm became a celebrity. This is when Cavement Camm turned into:


Doesn't he fit right in?
The crime scene: 3:30am. Several teenagers out in the middle of the night garbage-can-bandit boogie men were  being annoying teenagers and knocking over garbage cans doing very illegal activity on our street.

We were asleep. We heard a small noise outside of the window and without a pause, Caveman Camm knew just what to do. He began BANGING with all his might against the window.

I wish Guinness himself had been here because I think these guys would have set the world record for the fastest ever run. I could see the fear billowing from their eyes as they took off, jumped in a car and sped away. 

Super Caveman Camm did it--he rose to the occasion, he scared the bandits, and they stopped their illegal activity.

I was left star-struck by my Super-Power husband:

 And unfortunately...Camm's hand was left bleeding after using his super-power strength to bang on the window hard enough to scare the bandits but just barely not hard enough to break the glass.

Images courtesy of: Superman BatMan Spiderman

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  1. Today (May 5th) is Cartoonists Day so...Happy Cartoonists Day! :)