Thursday, April 4, 2013


Ruby's growing up. Where's my little tiny baby that I think I still have? Here are some quick updates:

I spent all of a recent Sunday morning looking for the match to my cream heel. How could I have one of the shoes and be missing the other. It can't be too far, I kept muttering to myself.
The next morning I found it in one of the lower cabinets in my kitchen. That's funny, I don't remember setting it in a kitchen cabinet.

On Easter I noticed her hair looked glued on to the crease in her neck. On closer examination, it was sweet, colorful glue. Apparently, tiny mouths can't hold baskets of candy all at once. Sugary drool had escaped and glued her hair to her neck. Happy Easter!

Learning the word "mine" has changed my life. There's the obvious changes--like when she grabs things out of my hands and tells me "mine." But there's also the unexpected changes--like sitting in church and having her scream to the girl three rows back "MINE! MINE! MINE!"

Development of a new fear: the fear of boredom. She has always been a good sleeper, but now she seems genuinely scared that she might get bored in the middle of the night. Before allowing me to put her in her crib, she insists on finding as many toys as possible to bring to bed with her. Cars, buses, noisy animals, books, babies, and a few stuffed animals fill her bed. One night she even insisted on bringing a pack of crackers. Though crackers were crumbs lining her sheets in the morning, I'm just happy that she still lays down easily.

Self-potty training. Do all kids go through this stage? Here's the basic logic as far as I can tell: I'll take off my diaper and pants and sit on the potty chair while I read some books. When the books are finished, I'll walk around the house and pee. That way I don't get my potty chair dirty. I don't even want her to get potty-trained yet. She's still only 1! Take your time, and keep that diaper on baby!

As a first time mom, I'm not sure if these are all normal developmental things that all kids experience, or if this is Ruby's personality at it's best (seasoned mothers, clue me in, please!). But either way, I'm actually really enjoying this stage. Ruby keeps us laughing every day!

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