Monday, April 1, 2013

the commute

For those who don't know, I got a job in Eugene, OR in February. Camm got a job up here that doesn't start until April 15th, so he's been commuting each week to and from Klamath Falls. The drive is about 3 hours (or 4 if it's snowing) and Camm has gotten really good at making it over that mountain pass.

So, starting April 1st, the highway he takes would be closing at 8pm for construction. April 1st is today so we had to make sure he would be passed that part of the trip before it closed. If he were to miss it, he would have to drive basically all the way back here and then go the long way. It would probably add 4 hours to his normally three hour trip. At 8:20pm tonight, I got a text from Camm:

"In mountain bad reception. I missed tunnel by 4 min i am too tired to drive around i am getting a motel in oak ridge."

My heart sank. oh poor Camm! I just felt so badly for him. If only I hadn't talked to him an extra four minutes! It's all my fault. Now he has to sleep in some nasty motel where it probably smells like smoke in the non-smoking rooms and they probably haven't washed the sheets in years. Poor poor thing!

So I texted him back that I would call him at the motel since he had such bad reception. I asked him at what motel he was staying and I got no response.

Oh poor Camm! I kept thinking. And now he has such bad reception he probably didn't get my text so now he not only has to stay in a nasty motel, but he thinks his wife doesn't care about him!

I googled motels in Oakridge, OR. There were only four so I decided to just start down the list calling them. "My poor husband," I would start, "missed the closing of the tunnel on 58 by four minutes and now he has to spend the night in Oakridge and doesn't have cell reception. Did Camm Clark check in there within the last hour or so?" 

One by one they told me the same thing, "Camm Clark? Doesn't sound familiar. Sorry, he must be at one of the other ones."

When I reached the last one on the list, more realizations started hitting me, Poor Camm! He probably decided to save $45 and sleep in the car. He's going to freeze to death. Does he even have a blanket?

As I sat in my bedroom wondering how I could make his night just a little more pleasant (Can I order pizza to his car on the side of the road?), my phone suddenly rang. It was Camm.

"Oh, Camm! I love you so much! I'm sorry you have to go through all this," I blubbered.

He responded with two simple words: "April Fool's!"

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  1. oh Miriam!!! He got you!! Have you forgiven him yet? or is there a hospital where I can send flowers while he recovers from his massive injuries??