Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Opinions, please

Camm and I are thinking of getting family pictures taken the week of the 4th of July when we are in Tillamook for our family reunion. I contacted the photographer that took pictures of my grandpa and Ruby back in October and we're working on setting it up.

Tonight I started to think about what we should wear and how I want the picture to look. I realized I had some research to do: Google image research. Here's a screen shot:
Lessons learned from my content analysis: Common themes are red/blue and stripes are always a plus.

Though I love the family twinners from the pictures, I felt there was something missing. We'll be taking our pictures the same week we celebrate our country. Our pictures will undoubtedly need a patriotic theme. I have to keep in mind that it might be chilly on the Coast. And most importantly, I want it to show our family love.
Here's a general sketch of how I'm thinking we should do it.

Granted, I am still open for suggestions as it is a few months down the road. What do you think? More stars?

PS--I'd love to hear stories about your matching family pictures you've been forced to be a part of or you've planned on your own!

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  1. My in-laws (who hate me) planned a big family photo down at the beach. Only the grandchildren and "real" family were included in the pix (guess 13 yrs of marriage does not count as "real"). Guess what the toddler did without Mom (me) in the pictures? Yep, cried the whole time. Then screamed, then wailed.

    Oh, you asked about our OUTFITS. We all were in white tops and denim on the bottom. Except me. I wore the red taffeta dress and tiara. And had a wine glass (full) in my hand.

    I predict your photos will go smoother.