Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 HighLights (and Low-lights)

January - Began another semester teaching stats. This time I had read the book ahead of time so I at least sort of knew what I was talking about.

February - I actually asked Camm to throw me a surprise birthday party and he actually threw me one. Reflecting back, I have two main questions: 1 - who does that? 2 - does that even count as a surprise party?

March - Camm was out of town the same weekend Ruby was sick. At 3am I thought I couldn't take one more second and purchased a "Soundspa Lullaby" noisemaker for the baby. I was sure it would help. Unfortunately, I forgot that it takes three days for Amazon to deliver.

April - I woke up Easter morning to Ruby's cries and realized the Easter Bunny had completely spaced it. Good thing I still have time to practice this mommy stuff.

May - My teaching schedule changed to 5 HOUR SATURDAY STATISTICS classes. Can't believe the class didn't fill up. Also can't believe they didn't have 500 other people fighting for my job.

June - Pulled my hair out every day Camm was in Oregon and we were still in Utah. At least it was only a mere $600 to fly him back for Ruby's birthday. (Why does it cost so much to fly from Klamath Falls? Can someone answer that?)

July - First day in Oregon I put Ruby in her stroller on the porch and turned to lock the front door. When I turned back, Ruby had rolled off the porch and, still strapped in the stroller, was lying face down on the pavement. Welcome to Oregon, Clark Family!

August - Fell in love with the Redwoods. Need I say more?

September - Ruby's learning of the word "No" changed my life. Simple statements ("let's change your diaper" or "time to go to sleep") that were once followed by blind obedience now are followed by an angry face with shouting "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!"

October - I skipped autumn. It was summer when I left to visit my grandpa in Tillamook. It was winter when I got home.

November - First sentence Ruby ever spoke was to a very kind little Peruvian lady, Armanda, who was trying to feed her some rice. Ruby kept shaking her head, but when Armanda persisted, Ruby looked her straight in the eye and yelled as loudly as she could, "No, Armanda!!"

December - Six months out of school, I am still taking advantage of "Amazon Student". Is that morally wrong?

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