Thursday, December 20, 2012

The shut down

I'm in Tillamook, OR--an even smaller town than Klamath Falls hanging out at my Papa's house. I spent one evening with my aunt at McDonald's using the free wifi - some kind of connection to the outside world.
For those who don't know my aunt Robin, here's a little brief: As a kid I spent the summers visiting her in Tenakee Springs, AK where she taught me to paint Styrofoam heads, make jewelry with my lost teeth, beat 15 pound fish over the head with a bat, and bathe naked in a public hot spring (that's just the start of everything). I love her.

So the McDonalds employee (we'll call him Chester - because it seems like a good fit even though I technically didn't get his name) kept trying to flirt with me. He tried to strike up conversations about our computers, where we're from, whatever he could think of. Every time he walked by it was something new. Robin never let it go too far. She shot him down so many times. But Chester was persistent.
This time he directed his question right at me, "So, is that a paper you're working on?"

Before I opened my mouth Robin said, "No, that's a screen, not paper."

I couldn't stop laughing. And Chester stopped pestering.

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