Thursday, January 3, 2013

Plans for 2013

New Year's Resolutions by Month:

January – Make it through the whole month without slipping on the snow. If successful, this may be the only January of my life to have succeeded in that (not counting the two Januarys I spent in South America).

February – Act like a 26 year old. I’ll be nearing my late twenties, and ought to start acting like it.

March – Pinch at least 5 people on St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve always wanted to pinch random strangers I see in the store who don’t have green. This year, I’m going to do it.

April – Plan at least three amazing April Fool’s pranks (friends/family: beware!)

May – There will still be snow. My goal will be to set a cap on how much I can complain about it: No more than four times per day.

June – Celebrate Camm’s birthday . . . something comes up every year so I miss it (like I have a baby, or am in a different state, or a different country)

July – Take Ruby swimming every day. Don’t forget to get it on video so that when she’s in the Olympics in 19 years they can have it play during the commercials.

August – Eat a Pronto Pup at the Tillamook County Fair (haven’t tasted the goodness since 2007 – way too long).

September – Figure out something academic-ish to start since I won’t be starting school.

October – Plan my Halloween costume more than two hours ahead of time (this will be a first).

November – Embrace my consumerist-American heritage and join in Black Friday (just to see what it’s like).

December – Celebrate Festivus (somehow we missed it this year).

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  1. If you go around pinching people have someone video tape it for the blog LOLOLOLOL.