Thursday, September 20, 2012

Splish and Splash

Camm usually works evenings so I'm the one who gives Ruby a bath and puts her to bed most nights. She is a water girl. The water doesn't scare her. She doesn't care if she goes completely underwater. She doesn't mind getting her hair rinsed out. She loves the stuff.
Unfortunately, this means she doesn't mind splashing. And lately boy has she been splashing. I sit on the side of the bath watching her. Out of nowhere she decides it is time to splash.

When I scream from the shock of it all, it eggs her on. She begins her little giggle with her splashing. I continue screaming, she splashes more and more. Before I know it, I need a towel for myself.

I hadn't told Camm about Ruby's new even more profound love for the water until Sunday night. We were finishing up dinner and Camm said, "Hey, I'll clean the kitchen while you give Ruby a bath." I looked around the kitchen (which was very dirty by the way) and I said, "You know what, I think I'll clean the kitchen." Camm was surprised until he got into the bathroom with Ruby.

I couldn't have planned this better. Somehow Ruby learned that day that splashing isn't good enough. She found her bucket and began filling it with water then dumping it on Camm.

From the kitchen, I heard Camm's screams and Ruby's laughter.
And I've never - in all my life - been so glad to be cleaning the kitchen.

PS--Did you notice my haircut from the picture? What do you think?


  1. I hate to publicize my ignorance of the Top Mommy Blogs website, but I seriously cannot figure out how to vote. I see how to "like" you and "rate" you, but not how to "vote" for you. If you can give me a little more instruction, I'll gladly vote for you. Thanks, Rayms

    1. Just click the link. That's all you have to do. They count how many people get to their website from my blog. You can vote once per day.
      Thanks for the vote!