Tuesday, September 18, 2012

From police to thief

Ruby is obsessed with shoes.
We used to refer to her as the "shoe police" because she never let anyone leave them out. If she found shoes anywhere left out, she would pick them up, bring them to whoever they belong to, and demand that they put them on. Sometimes she would even find them in our closet, bring them to us, and demand that we wear them. She hated to see shoes off of someone's feet.
Ruby Clark, shoe-sheriff deputy
Then one day she changed. She had given up on shoe patrol and decided to become the shoe thief.
Disguised thief steals ten pairs in one hour.
Now every time she sees that our shoes are on, she takes them off and then wears them herself. She often leaves us with her shoes as if that makes it ok. "Don't worry mom, we'll just trade."

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  1. that's hilarious! We need to get the little girlies together again.