Thursday, September 13, 2012


This time I am the guilty one (as opposed to the last time I wrote about eavesdropping). I just have never heard this joke before and I thought it was really funny.

Camm, Ruby and I were coming out of the local hospital (we wanted to see if the hospital cafeteria has as good of shakes as our hospital in UT--no it doesn't).
We saw an old man approaching an old woman:
"Hey Lady! How's it going?" the man was excited.
"Oh hi, whatcha up to?" she responded.
He poked out and patted his beer belly, "Oh about 200".

I stifled my laughter and tried to get away as fast as possible. It was just so unexpected coming from this old man.
Has anyone else overheard a joke and had a hard time not just busting up?

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