Tuesday, July 31, 2012

encouraging antisocial behavior

There we were: all three members of the family eating breakfast together. Camm and I always watch Ruby as she sits in her high chair and feeds herself. (I know, I know, we are still those new parents who think everything she does is absolutely adorable--even when she is just eating breakfast).
Anyway, she took a break from eating, put her little hand in a fist with her tiny pointer finger sticking out. The pointer came past her mouth and went straight into her nose.
I immediately BUSTED up laughing. I couldn't control it. Camm said to me, "Stop! You're encouraging her!" But it was already too late. Ruby kept doing it, looking up at us with those big hazel eyes and adorable smile.  When I stifled my smile/laughter, she would bat those eyes and giggle so hard that I couldn't resist giggling again.
So now what? I taught my little one that picking her nose is great. Is this a problem?

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