Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I moved to a small town.

I think the story of this internet installer here really illustrates what most people are like.

After a couple days in Oregon we decided we'd gone long enough without internet (connection to the outside world). The complex where we live had recommended the name of a local company. I picked up the phone and called to get a quote.
Ring Ring Ring
"Hello," he answered the phone. I was confused because it sounded like a personal hello and not a company.
"Uh, I was trying to get in touch with the internet company."
"Yeah, this is Dave."
...I guess Dave is the internet guy...
"Hi Dave, um, we just moved here and we need internet. I was wondering if you could give us a quote."
He began to rattle off some numbers and then said, "Look, I just need to sit down with you so I can lay it all out."
"Well, I think I'm going to call some other places too."
"Look," he sounds exasperated, "there aren't any other places."
Without the internet or a phone book, I was forced to believe him.
"Uh, OK." I sigh, "I guess we'll come in..."
"Oh no, I come to you."
Oh my.
So an hour later the truck pulled up.
 Dog in back. It actually said that on the side.
Wow. In he walked with all of his stuff.
He looked around the house which is very bare since we moved from a furnished place and have nothing.
"So you don't even have a kitchen table?" he asked. I could tell he thinks we're nuts. But we probably have almost mutual feelings for each other.
He leaned over on the counter to write his stuff out and I could see his belt.
I'm not in Kansas anymore...or maybe I am in Kansas.

The truck is courtesy of this site


  1. LOL that is hilarious!!! I especially love the sign on the truck and the belt! I love your blog and all your funny little stories!!

  2. At least you know people in the big city...you know where to go to escape. =)

  3. hahaha...and to think Provo was a small town!

  4. Ha! Really? That is hilarious!

  5. you are very funny. the drawings really bring it home!!
    Happy new follower from TMB