Thursday, June 7, 2012

Salsa^6 Surprise

Setting: Cold, dark, Sunday night: February 26th, 2012--the night before I began life as a big 25 year old.We were in our church gym sitting in the famous church folding chairs:

It was a little Sunday social that my congregation had monthly--a chance to get to know each other and have a snack. This month's snack were chips and salsa. So there we were eating our chips and salsa with Ruby happily playing on the floor:
After I finished my first bowl, Ruby started to get a little bit tired. I suggested to Camm that we leave to put Ruby to bed, but he informed me that he needed another bowl of chips. I decided to be patient and let him get another one as I tried to keep Ruby calm.
What surprised me was how SLOWLY he ate that bowl. It was as though he'd never had chips before and he savored every one in his mouth. When he finally finished it, I suggested we leave. "You know Moll, I really want some more." Ok, though Ruby was getting fussy, I thought I could handle it. Just one more, right?
Again, I could count to 100 in between each nibble. I stared at him wondering how he could eat so slowly. When he FINALLY finished, I thought we were free. "You know what Moll, this is really good. I'm going to get some more," he explained. I began to lose that patience I thought I could keep. I was dancing around trying to keep Ruby under control.
"OK, Camm, we have salsa at home. When you're done with this bowl, we HAVE to go."
"No Moll, I think I just need one more bowl."
"Camm, look around you. No one else has even had seconds. And you are having fifths?"
"Yeah, it's really good. and I need to help them get it off their hands. What are they going to do with the leftover salsa anyway?"
Ruby was mad, I was confused.
You'd think five bowls would have been enough, but he slowly downed his sixth bowl. I decided to stop asking him if he would ever finish and figured that I may as well get out a sleeping bag and camp out in the church. But, before I could make any specific plans, Camm stood up and said, "OK, let's go." It was so abrupt that it caught me by surprise. I looked at the clock--seven o' clock sharp. We got in the car and we drove the four blocks home. When we pulled up Camm honked then started laughing. "Uh, what's going on Camm?" He didn't respond. I walked into my house and:

Camm had thrown me a surprise birthday party and inside were a bunch of my friends/family. 
The salsa fury in my mind immediately turned to joy as I realized it had all been part of the plan!

Thanks to Camm for planning an awesome 25th birthday for me!

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  1. again, the drawings really bring it home for me. I love the bowls stacking up next to his chair.

  2. Happy Belated, Molly! I remember the big day 25 years ago very were such a darling babe!
    P.S. I vote for Mlogger every chance I can, love your stuff. When you get to be a rich and famous blogger, don't forget all us lowly stick figures!

    1. Thank you! Thank you!
      And don't worry, I will NOT forget the stick figures! ;)