Thursday, May 31, 2012

Super Camm=Smokey the Bear

Do you remember the post where I told you about my SUPER HERO husband?

Well, this post is about him as a different TYPE of Super Hero--one possibly even cooler.

Or more precisely:
Smokey the Camm

My husband is Smokey the Bear....basically.

One day when we were beginning to fall in love (back in 2008), Camm invited me to go up the canyon for a fun day with some friends. We went rafting and had a BBQ and overall just enjoying the summer fun with friends.
All of the sudden we heard a little kid scream, "HELP! It's burning."

Without a blink of an eye Camm grabbed a cooler and told his friends to do the same. They filled up from the stream, and with the strength of a bear, Camm carried his cooler to a mound of burning brush and drenched the fire then stomped it out with nothing but his sandals.
smokey the CAMM at work

And that, my friends, is when I knew that my boyfriend was something worth hanging on to.
"Oh Cammie Smoke! You're a forest hero! I love you.

A couple years later, Camm was reflecting on that experience, "You know, I think I want to be a forest ranger." He began looking into it but upon finding out you had to shoot and ride a horse, he decided being an occassionally Smokey the Camm was better than a forest ranger.

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  1. What's Camm looking at in the picure? :) I think it's your bum.