Tuesday, April 3, 2012

yellow smile :)

Do you remember this from 1997?:
The classic yellow smiley face.
They were everywhere. A friend would come to school and say, "Hey! Check out my new backback!"
or they'd say, "Look at the embroidery on my jeans!"
Indeed, everyone had the super stellar smiley notebook:
Or sometimes they'd say, "Hey, you want a sticker? You can choose whichever one you want." This is what the sticker sheet would look like:
I must confess that I was afraid of the things. They're creepy. They're bright yellow heads with no noses. I mean, since then Voldemort (the darkest of all beings) has been the only thing without a nose. They are scary. Yet they were EVERYWHERE!  I can pretty much sum up my 4th grade experience with this picture:
So now lets fast forward 14 years to 2012. I'm now married and have the cutest baby in the world. Most of her clothes were given to us and I must confess that this is the outfit she wore today (with her favorite toy next to her):

"Happiness is mommy" . . . Don't you think that's a little bit ironic?

Do you think its just a coincidence she's screaming? I'd be scared too.


  1. You should take a sharpie to it and make a nose!

  2. That's hilarious...guess what the them was for my room in junior high? Yup. I had smiley bed spread, pillows, night light, dishes (yes I had a mug and bowl...not sure why...I wasn't allowed to eat in my room) and I even had a smiley piggy bank. I always thought it was the coolest room ever, but now that I read this post I'm thinking there's a possibility that maybe I was just lame. I think I'm gonna text you a picture of my piggy bank...because now it's in Kinley's room. :)