Thursday, March 29, 2012

the 4 wheeling incident

When Camm and I were engaged we took a trip to Guatemala and visited one of my best friends who lives there.We had a fabulous trip. But the other day we were remembering all of the crazy things that happened to us during the two weeks we were there. Here I share one story (and perhaps there will be more to come in the future).

One day the friend that we were visiting had to work so she told us what bus to catch to get to a beautiful beach. We got there and ate fresh shrimp as we overlooked the water. It was beautiful. Then we noticed that you could rent four-wheelers to go for a ride right on the beach. I told Camm we should do it and we were soon talking to Jose the rental guy. We agreed to rent it for a half hour but then I realized neither Camm nor I had a watch so I wondered how we would know when to get back. Jose told us we could take his cell phone so we could monitor time.
Soon we were off:
Here I was riding on the back of a four wheeler with the man I love on a beach in Guatemala. My life could not get any more perfect.

Then, the next thing I knew, Camm was headed STRAIGHT for the ocean. I was confused but before I could get out a scream of "CAMM WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING?", it was too late. 
We hadn't even been on the four wheeler for two minutes and Camm had already managed to crash us right into the water. All I could think about was the cell phone that we borrowed that wasn't even ours. I quickly jumped up and tried to see if it could work Meanwhile, Camm was trapped.
To make a long story short, Camm eventually got my attention, I helped him out, Jose told us we owed him a ton of money and since we were the dumb gringos that have no idea how much Guatemalan cell phones cost, we just had to pay up.

And there we have our first adventure in Guatemala (hopefully there will be more to come such as: when we almost got arrested, riding a chicken bus that was going 50 miles an hour up a winding mountain on the wrong side of the road, and camm completely asleep at church and everyone laughing at him).


  1. So how did he manage to crash into the ocean?? And how is your life so funny? Miss you!

    1. I should have mentioned that. When I asked him later what he was thinking he told me that he had seen a commercial in Mexico where there were these people riding four wheelers through the shallow waves at the beach. Apparently they were nicer four wheelers than what we had!
      Miss you too!

    2. It was the 4-wheelers fault! What kind of 4-wheeler can't drive through 3 inches of water?

  2. I REALLY want you to write about your other stories. Real bad