Tuesday, April 17, 2012

45 minutes = 2.5 hours?

Last October my friend Jamie volunteered to babysit for Camm and I to go on a date. Naturally, we were super excited and made plans to go to dinner and then go to a corn maze. We called the maze ahead of time and asked how long it takes, "Most people get through it in about 45 minutes." Perfect! We figured dinner would take about an hour then the corn maze would tack on another hour and told Jamie to expect us back before too long. Little did we know...
Dinner was great.
Corn maze was...well I guess we should have figured it was a MAZE and we're not great navigators if you know what I mean.
Before walking in I asked the lady working again how long it would take. "Everyone gets it done in about 45 minutes." Easy enough...

We entered the maze section like this:

Walking Walking Walking...(45 minutes come and go)

Walking Walking Walking...(1 hour comes and goes)

Walking Walking Walking...(1.5 hours comes and goes)

Walking Walking Walking...(2 hours come and pass. I'm pretty sure hormonal postpartum tears began to flow--and if they didn't I was probably holding them back)

Following Camm closely behind as he helped us get more and more lost I got out my cell phone (which normally I hate for anyone who has read that post, but I admit that sometimes they come in handy). I called the cornmaze people and explained the dramatic situation:
"Its just that I have a little baby who is waiting for us and the babysitter is probably sick of being with her and I have to wake up for work at 6am and and and PLEASE HELP!!!"
"Don't worry ma'am we'll send someone right out. What do you see around you so I can tell them where you are?"
"I see CORN!! All I see is corn!" I then spotted a sign, "Oh, I'm by the 10 sign".
"OK ma'am--someone will be there shortly."
Then we began to WAIT. I was thinking five minutes should do it. I was sure the employees knew this course like the back of their hands.
5 minutes came and went.
10 minutes came and went.
15 minutes came and I called back.
"Oh, he's actually lost in the maze. If you don't mind, could you start shouting out to him so he can hear you?"
I hung up.
"HELLO!! SAVE ME!! I began to call."
20 minutes came and passed.
25 minutes came and passed.
FINALLY, after 30 minutes we found a hurried employee.
"I'm sorry to keep you waiting, its a good maze, I got lost.," I can't help but notice the map in his hands. and he got lost?
Luckily we quickly found our way out and made it back to our baby.
Poor Jamie.

Let's just say if you ever want someone to help you navigate, I suggest steering clear of our family.

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  1. I'm not even surprised at this point that this happened to you. haha!

  2. Ok, this is seriously funny. I hope you can laugh about it now! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was on a roll at first, but it takes a lot of time! I haven't picked up my camera in three weeks.

  3. I couldn't stop laughing when I read this post! My family had a similar excursion to a corn maze a few years ago and I almost had to claw my way through the corn just to get out!

  4. Wow, that's hilarous. I remember that night that Jamie volunteered to baby-sit, how funny that it ended up like that!