Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cell phones...

Reasons why I am mad at cell phones:
1. Everyone thinks they can get a hold of me at any time. There's no way to say I didn't answer because I wasn't home. I have to make up something about how my phone was on silent or I had bad reception
2. I always miss the phone when I am at home. The one time I like talking on the phone (at home) I miss it. I set it down because who loves their cell phone jabbing them in the butt from their back pocket when their in the comfort of their own home. Then, if you go to the other side of the house, its over. You don't hear it. So you miss the call. Rats.
3. Have you ever called someone, then realized you called the wrong number so you hung up? Then 10 seconds later you get a call, "um, yeah, I just had a missed call from this number on my phone." Thanks buddy. If I'd wanted to talk to you I would have stayed on the line. I hung up for a reason.
4. Sometimes when I am at home I turn my phone onto full blast so that I don't miss the call when I am one room over. Then I happen to be in the same room as it when it does go off and I feel like a fool as the snake charmer song (one of the free ring tones) goes off full blast.
5. Texting. Are we too cool to talk to each other anymore? Too nervous? Don't have the energy? What's the big deal.
6. I know I don't have a cool smartphone or iphone (are those the same thing?) but I am still a decent person, I'd like you all to know.
7. I am so dependent on it. I walk into a building that has bad reception and I feel like my entire life has collapsed. "What if someone is trying to get a hold of me?" "What's going to happen?" Let's be honest, Miriam, no one needs to talk to me that badly.
8. For a while I stopped bringing my phone to school. "Too distracting" I decided. Why? "Not because people are calling me all the time, but because I am always checking to see if someone does call me"
9. Did you know that "Cell" is an acronym? Can't-Ever-Live-Life
10. All I want for Christmas is a landline...

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