Thursday, April 12, 2012

Guest blogger: Ruby

On Friday after I got done with work, Camm and Ruby picked me up. When I got in the car, Camm hadn't showered, Ruby was still in her pajamas and the trunk was full of new toys. What a day! Here's Ruby's side of the story:

Hi everybody! My name is Ruby. I am 10 months old. And I have the best daddy in the whole world.

Every Friday Mommy has to work all day. She says she misses me SOOOOO much when she goes. Just between you and me: I don't miss her at all. Why? Because I get to stay home and play with Daddy all day. 

Last Thursday night Mommy had put me in my Christmas polka-dot jammies. She said no one would see me since I was just sleeping in them. But I like them. I wanted to show them off. When Daddy told me I could wear them ALL day on Friday, I couldn't have been more happy:
Then Daddy took me to Toys R Us. Have you ever been to that store? He got me all kinds of stuff. I'm such a big girl now:

Daddy got me a push-walker thing that I can push all over the house. Can you believe how big I am?

It even folds into a sweet car. Daddy and I had to settle on this car because Mommy says I am not allowed to drive a real car until I'm 16. But I still think this one is still pretty cool.
I even got a princess castle. You know Daddy says I am his princess. Isn't it pretty? Daddy says I'm pretty. I even know how to crawl through that tube.

I have the best Daddy in the world. How could I be any more lucky?!


  1. Bahaha! Daddies are awesome!!! Brynli has that same sweet car!!!

  2. Love your blog. Your daughter is a cutie pie! Thanks for following me. My little girl is 8 months old.