Thursday, March 8, 2012

Background check

For Camm’s current internship he was required to have a background check. While filling out the paperwork, he was asked whether he had been outside of the U.S.A. for more than six weeks. Since he’d spent four months teaching English in Mexico[i], he needed to get a background check from Mexico. How to go about doing that was beyond him, but he contacted a friend of a friend of a friend and ended up finding a list of things that he needed to scan in and send. Aside from the copy of his passport and the copy of his birth certificate, he also needed to send in a couple mug shots and a scanned image of his hands (I guess to see his finger prints?)

Criminal Face?
Hands sprawled out on the scanner: do they look like they're just aching to steal something?
Eight months have passed and he still hasn't heard anything back. Should I brace myself to find out he was arrested in Mexico?
Apparently his job didn't care too much since he's been working at it.

[i] I wasn’t sure whether to put that he was working or doing volunteer work. He was supposed to be working, but his boss never ended up paying him. So it was unplanned volunteerism.

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