Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The 9th Habit

I think they say that everyone has 15 minutes of fame during their lifetime. Today I'm writing about my 15 seconds of fame (close enough, right?)

Camm got asked to speak at this really hoity-toity schmoozy-woozy dinner thing where all of the donors of our college were invited to attend. He was the only student who had to speak so I was pretty proud of my stellar hub (and he did a great job).
Anyway, we got all ready for the night and were looking pretty sharp.
Though we knew it was a big deal, we didn't realize it was such a big deal until we started looking around at the name-cards on each table. Holy cow! A lot of rich people would be there.
We found our name-cards at table 2:
In case they're too small to read, it says: Camm, Me, Mrs. Covey, Stephen R. Covey, some associate dean guy from our college, and his wife. That meant I was sitting RIGHT by Stephen R. Covey's wife)
We began to eat and I looked across at Stephen R. Covey. There he was eating his asparagus with his fingers. I found it slightly odd, but I figured if you're that rich, you can do whatever you want, right?
Then I looked at his wife. Apparently she didn't think he could do whatever he wants. If looks could kill, I would have witnessed the death of Stephen R. Covey right then and there. She glared at him with a look of death as if to say, "HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT YOU HAVE TO USE A FORK IN PUBLIC?!"

He seemed to ignore the look, but glanced me a smirk as if to say "Well, apparently at least one more time":
And that was it. My 15 second of fame: characterized by an inside joke with a famous guy. Do you think it counts?

(Pictures of Stephen R. Covey come from here and here.)


  1. Hahaaaaahaa "the 9th habit". Sooo funny.

  2. I do think it counts! He was the speaker at my graduation from SUU for my associates...does that count too? Probably not. :(