Wednesday, October 22, 2014

8 months and 10 days

Happy 8 months and 10 days to my sweet Ivory girl!

Readers may wonder what's so significant about 8 months and 10 days. Well, unlike everyone in my facebook newsfeed (who dutifully mark each month of their babies' lives with a sweet picture of them wearing special, clean shirts that state the number of months they are old), I haven't had time to think about her month birthdays, let alone take a picture. So 8 months and 10 days it is. Oh, except that I took this picture a few days ago, or weeks ago, or possibly months ago I guess--I didn't write down the date.

But here goes my attempt to make it up to her:

Ivory Stats at 8 months and 10 days

Weight: Not sure, but I think I am getting tendinitis in my wrist if that's any indication.

Height: Not sure again, but her pants seem to fit fine in the waist and the length--something that her big sister has never experienced as her poor big sister will be wearing high waters for the rest of her life

Hair: 1 of them is 3'', the rest are 1''.

Favorite food: Time Magazine

Second Favorite food: Wood chips at the park

(I think both of those are healthy, right?)

Favorite activity: Watching her sister's swimming lessons. She sits on the side of the pool waving her arms up and down in utter excitement. Can't wait for her own lessons.

Sleep Schedule: Better than some kids, but still exhausting to her mom.

Enjoys finger paint (note, this is not that she enjoys finger painting, she enjoys finger paint--as in she stuck a bunch in her mouth today while Ruby and I were trying to include her and she was happy as could be about it).

Sense of humor: Fantastic (She thinks I'm hilarious.)

Tricks: loves rolling, sitting, playing with toys, tasting toys, tasting any food or anything, knocking over blocks, and tickles.

Other Trick: Can crawl. OK, that might be an exaggeration, I mean: Can Army crawl. OK, that might be another slight exaggeration as I can't imagine any Army recruiters calling the house any time soon. She can slither forward on her belly at a rate of 3''/hour. Not bad, huh? I'm actually happy as it means Ivory normally stays generally where she was left.

Cuteness ranking: #1 Cutest baby in the world

Couldn't be happier to have such a sweet girl (well, unless of course, she were sleeping just a little bit more). Seriously, though, I love her cuddles, her laughs and giggles, the joy she's brought to our family. I love the way she and Ruby are developing their relationship. I love her sense of humor. I love her little personality and I'm so happy that I am blessed to be her mom.

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