Saturday, June 22, 2013

27 years of Camm: written by 27 people in Camm's life

"When Camm was 1 year old, he was an adorable blonde haired little boy who loved to play in the dirt with his cars and trucks. And he loved to tear up library books."
Camm’s Mother
"When Camm was 2 years old, he was a real daddy's boy. We had so much fun together. When I wasn't at work, we were inseparable. He would push his toy mower across the grass right behind me as I mowed the lawn."
Camm’s Father

"When Camm was three years old, he was well-behaved and liked to read.”
-Grandma Peterson

“When Camm was 4 years old, he had super blonde hair and skinny legs!"
Camm's aunt

"When Camm was five years old, he had hair as white as undriven snow. He was also the best friend a kid could have."
Camm’s first best friend

"When Camm was six years old, his Peterson and Dewitt cousins thought his name was Camuel (Cam-you-ul)."
Camm’s aunt 

"When Camm was 7 years old, he liked to hike at the cabin and he also went up to Ensign Peak."
-Grandpa Peterson

"When Camm was 8 years old, he liked swimming at Snowbird."
Camm’s aunt

"When Camm was nine years old, he loved sports and hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa Clark's with his brothers and cousins. Pretty sure the seed of laziness was in a stage of germination at this point (just kidding) - he was a good kid at this age."
Camm’s older brother

"When Camm was 10 years old, we would box downstairs in the basement when my parents were gone and he'd always give me a bloody nose."
Camm’s younger brother

"When Camm was 11 years old, he was very into Star Wars and he also enjoyed going to my grandparent’s cabin and to get together for family dinners like for thanksgiving and Christmas. We would have fun playing in the backyard at my grandparents’ house."
Camm’s cousin

"When Camm was 12 years old, we would go to the stake center and play basketball for three hours every night."
Camm’s cousin

"When Camm was 13 years old, he tried to pass crushed rocks off as cocaine at scout camp."
Camm’s friend

"When Camm was 14 years old, he wrote a neighborhood gossip newspaper and his only source was the moon lamp."
Camm’s friend

“When Camm was 15 years old, he was not the most annoying but one of the top five in my Sunday school class."
Clark Family Friend

"When Camm was 16 years old, he drove the fanciest Lincoln town car in town."
- Erin
Camm’s friend

"When Camm was 17 years old, he tried to run Mark's mom off the road."
- Devin 
Camm’s friend

"When Camm was 18 years old, he laughed in a Lincoln and he was always the last one at the lunch table."
Camm’s friend

When Camm was 19 years old he was a powerful missionary, making a difference in the lives of everyone he met.  He was loved and respected by all of us who were touched by his goodness and hard work.  My love always.”
Camm’s former mission president

"When Camm was 20 years old, he was one of the hardest workers that I've ever met."
- Curtis
Former Mission Companion

"When Camm was 21 years old, he came to dinner at my house and he tried to tell my sister he was going to marry her so he could be in Mark's family."
- Mary
Mark’s wife
“When Camm was 22 years old, he shot lightning bolts out of his eyes and killed everyone. He was a greek god when I knew him."
Camm’s friend

"When Camm was 23 years old, he once stared down a fully grown mountain goat in the eye and it ran away."
Camm’s friend

“When Camm was 24 years old, he slept through Dr. Seipel's lectures on a daily basis, sometimes even sprawling himself out on the floor."
Friend from BYU’s MSW program

"When Camm was 25 years old, he was the best intern Scenic View ever had."
Friend from Camm’s MSW program
"When Camm was 26 years old, he got a job that really wasn't a job 'cause all he did was fun stuff like rock climb - and he moved so he didn't have to be Elder's Quorum President anymore.”
Friend in Klamath Falls

“When Camm was 27 years old, he was the best husband and Daddy we could ever dream of!”
–Moll and Ru
Camm’s wife and daughter

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