Friday, May 17, 2013

Spoiled by Granny, Now what?

About a month ago Ruby discovered OtterPops. It was love at first taste for her. It was by far her favorite treat and she would regularly point to the freezer and say "I-wan-pop!" (all of her words sort of slur together so it sounds like one word really). Anyway, we didn't mind. Sure, they're just straight sugar into the toddler's body, but at least you can buy a hundred pack for a couple bucks. It's a very cheap, very easy treat. And, being wrapped in plastic keeps the mess to a minimum.

Then my mom came to visit.

She bought delicious, large, and expensive 100% fruit pops. After one lick, Ruby has refused to go back to the cheap, mess-less Otter again. So, now what?


  1. Be glad she has good taste . . . also, it is easy to make your own, except they are messier because they don't have the plastic case. Maybe the magic world of Pinterest has an answer? I sneak a frozen banana and spinach into their chocolate milk with ice in the blender. One day they tasted the store bought kind and thought it was yucky.

  2. Also, I am guilty of telling my toddlers the ride on machines at the store were broken until Grandma gave them a quarter. I had to admit to lying. Not my best moment. . .