Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Morph--not so bad

About two years ago--when I knew I was having a baby girl and was just playing the waiting game--I started getting curious how the baby girl would look. As with any good question, I decided googling it was only appropriate. "What will my baby look like," I typed. And I found this awesome website: morph thing. This site is genius. You put in a picture of yourself and one of your partner and out pops a photo of what your child will be like. The child looked about one and a half and was a perfect mix of Camm and me. Since Ruby is now around that age, I decided to compare her real picture to the morphed picture:

Not so bad, huh? Can you tell which one is morphed and which one is real?

Anyone else found a real gem of a website from googling a random question?


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