Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Two tips for living a successful life.

1. The recipe for hot cocoa calls for six ounces of water or milk. Don’t fill up a mug and then put your packet in, people. Then you will have gross watered down cocoa. Six ounces, got it?
2. Have a lot of XYZ moments? Where your fly is undone? You can lock your zipper in place by laying the zipper flat. (I thought that this was common sense, but after a couple XYZ moments with the hub, I learned that maybe not everyone figured this out in the first 26 years of life)

Anyone else have some tips that we could add to this list? Put them in the comments section.
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  1. Swim suits wear out! People keep an eye on them so you don't embarrass your self or others.

  2. There is this thing called a slip. It helps so people don't see through your dress or skirt. Wear one! This happens way to much and I'm tired of seeing women's underwear. My friend actually wore a pink thong under her wedding dress. Guess how I knew.

  3. Get a "Cocoa Latte" (you can find them at Bed, Bath and Beyond) then you can have perfect hot cocoa every time. Just fill up your mug with milk, put it in the cocoa latte with a couple tsp (or more) of chocolate and turn it on. When it's perfect, it stops, turn on the foam application and fill up your mug. I haven't tried it with water. The milk/chocolate combo is just too good.

  4. Wear clothes that fit. Nobody sees the size on the tag... but everyone sees how unflattering and embarrassing those too-small jeans/shirts/skirts are. If you don't see it in the mirror, take a photo of yourself to double check your situation. The camera does not lie. Believe it!

  5. Throwing cooked chicken straight into the kitchen aid mixer to be shredded. Blew my mind and saved a lot of time shredding with forks.