Thursday, January 10, 2013

Toddler Power: (by Ruby the toddler)

My mom was reading an article today about fears that toddlers have. Can I just say they're nuts?

Granted, sometimes my mom thinks I'm afraid of strangers--and that was on the list. Really, it's just that I get annoyed with all these random people stroking my hair and rubbing my cheeks telling me how cute I am. Talk about awkward. I don't even know what to say. So I hide behind my mom and try to get them to stop.

One of the fears was of toilets. It said toddlers are afraid because it is loud and that they might fall in. I LOVE the toilet. It makes cool noises when I pull the handle. It has water that looks tasty inside. It looks like a lot of fun. I wish I could go swimming in it! Someday I might be able to make it in before my mom makes me leave....hopefully. The only thing I'm afraid of when it comes to toilets is that I'll get in trouble yet again for playig in it.

Another fear were masks and costumes. Let me put this straight: I'm not afraid of them, but I do think they're ridiculous--why would anyone want to wear something like that. Come on, guys. Have some fashion sense!

Fears of "Being Alone" and "Separation" both made me laugh. I'm rejoice every time I get some peace and quiet from those crazy parents who are always tickling me, feeding me, chasing me...a little peace and quiet here and there is greatly appreciated.

I'm brave. OK. And I'm sure I'm not the only brave toddler out there (though I probably am the bravest toddler out there). But really guys, stop thinking we're afraid of everything. Toddler POWER!

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  1. Haha...Kinley tries to play in the toilet EVERY SINGLE DAY. And she loves strangers. I snuck her into nursery on Sunday (5 months early) because she was SCREAMING in young women's and the nursery leader said, "ya, she can totally come in as long as she doesn't cry the whole time. If she cries, I'll come get you" I assured her, "oh, she won't cry. I think she loves strangers more than her own parents"

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