Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mom is always right.

The mom is always, right. Isn't that supposed to be true? For the first time in my young family, everyone tried to convince me otherwise!

Last weekend we went to ChinaTown in San Francisco and I saw absolutely adorable Chinese dresses for baby girls. "Camm, we have got to get that for Rubes! It's so cute."

"You mean for Halloween?" Camm was obviously confused.

"No, to wear to church or anywhere else she needs to dress nice for."

"That is absolutely ridiculous!" he said with skepticism.

Despite his criticism, I was convinced Ruby needed it. I held up a red one and a blue one to Ruby to let her choose which one she wanted. She looked at the dresses and immediately turned her head. She would not have anything to do with them. I chalked that up to the fact she's little and probably just didn't understand me.

So I bought the blue one and I was so excited for her to look adorable at church.

This morning Camm had an early meeting and so when I got her dressed, it was just the two of us. Ruby has a huge mirror in her bedroom that she usually admires herself in. Today though was different. The moment she got her Chinese dress on and saw herself in the mirror she began to scream. While screaming, she tugged at her dress to get it off. It was stuck. She tugged, screamed, tugged, screamed repeatedly for ten minutes straight. I tried to distract her with toys and she kept going back to the dress. She hated it worse than her daddy did.

But, I would like to say that the mom is always right in the end: at church we have never gotten so many compliments on any item of clothing before. "Oh, she looks so cute!" "How stunning!" "How adorable" etc. etc.

At the end of the day Ruby seemed to tolerate it and Camm said, "you know, I think it actually is sort of cute."



  1. You guys were in San Francisco! We live about 45 minutes away. It would have been fun to see you. Let me know if you are ever back in the area! It sounds like you had fun :) Chinatown is awesome!

    1. I wish we would have thought about it! We'll probably go back in the spring time. We'll for sure let you know!
      My sister lives in Santa Clara (we were visiting her when we went)