Tuesday, September 4, 2012

18 years later...finally getting this off my chest

I came from a family with five kids and a Dodge Ram Van. I was the youngest.
As a kid, my family took a road trip in that Dodge Ram Van all the way from Seattle to Yellowstone. I remember very vividly the trip home. My dad was driving, we got caught up in bumper to bumper traffic, had the windows rolled down, and were sweating so much that our legs were sticking to the plastic covered seats. I was seven years old.

I looked out the window and saw a semi truck towering above me. In my seven year old mind it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get some excitement. I raised my hand to the window and made the honk sign right as the grizzly truck driver looked my way.
Immediately he honked. Loud and Clear. And boy was I proud of myself.
But that pride was short lived. My excitement came to a painful halt when I looked to the front of the van at my dad who was driving. He was angry. Phrases like these began coming out of his mouth:

"What on earth is that truck honking for?" "He already knows we're stuck in traffic, what good is honking?" "Is he just trying to get attention?" "What does he want me to do?" "How can someone be that stupid?"

I watched my dad get more and more worked up about it. All the while I knew exactly what had happened. Yet I said nothing. I just let my dad be upset. And I never said a word, until now, eighteen years later.
Sorry dad.

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  1. That's funny, Every once in a while something will come out that My Sister or I did as kids/teenagers which was A LONG TIME AGO, and more times than not while the rest of us are laughing about it my Dad looks disappointed and sometimes says he wishes we never would have said anything at all :) I've learned to pick and choose what I admit too.