Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine's tribute to my Valentine: The Story of Us

I'll never forget the day we met. I was sitting in the hallway outside the sociology conference room chewing on a pen. Camm was standing above me with his backpack buckled as if he were about to go on a huge backpacking trip.
A couple days later I jokingly said "Hey Camm! Wanna run a marathon." "Sure thing," he replied and 26.2 miles later we were falling in love. (He later told me that though he never had run more than 2 miles, when a pretty girl asks you to run a marathon, you don't pass up the opportunity)

I soon was off to Peru for my mission and we corresponded only through letters

I'll never forget the day we got married. He's the best!

I love you today even more than I did when we got married. You're the best! Happy Valentine's day!

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