Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A story of patience (or lack thereof)

"How did you tell Camm you were pregnant?" was a question that many friends asked me after I had made it public that I was carrying the babe. "Uh, he told me...?" has always been my response. Here's why:

The directions on the box explicitly said to pee on the stick and then wait three minutes for test results. A dash indicates negative and a plus indicates positive. "Eh, directions," I thought, "What do they know?"
I peed on the stick and immediate looked at it.

"Not pregnant," I decided and chucked it in the trash can.

...Three minutes later...

I heard Camm's voice from the bathroom.
"Um, Moll!" he exclaimed.
"Oh, what do you want Camm?"
"Um, it looks like we're having a baby!"
"No we're not, Camm. Thanks but I just did the test."
"I know Moll, and it says positive."
Though not fully convinced,  I came running. Sure enough there it was:

And nine months later came the princess...the rest is history

Did anyone else fail to wait the three minutes? Or am I the only completely impatient one?


  1. I didn't wait three minutes, either. The plus showed up IMMEDIATELY!!!!! Not kidding. I would have peed my pants, but, well...I had just peed. :)

  2. Hahaha! That is awesome...But I'm a firm believer in reading the directions and doing exactly what it says...so I peed, then left the bathroom for a couple minutes (I didn't want to watch...it was just too much for me) which felt like FOREVER and came back with a plus sign staring me in the face. Did you cry? I totally did.

  3. I'm the opposite. I always would buy 10 of them to be absolutely certain. I have 4 kids. The best memory is when I didn't know I was pregnant, I was in the emergency room after a car accident ( not too serious), the nurse asked is there a chance you "might be" pregnant. I said " Maybe" , they did a blood test and came back 10 minutes with a huge smile saying" Guess what?". I saved those test sticks for a while, but taking a photo is a better idea. BTW,.. I found you on TMB site, and I love your illustrations. What do you use for them. I am a newbie. Do you use photoshop/ illustrator? They are good!

  4. I took the first test...not so patiently waited my 3 minutes...and then called my husband into the room. I was shaking and laughing and my eyes were filling with joyful tears. I still took two more tests though just to be sure. :)