Thursday, February 23, 2012

The airplane--by Ruby

When I was a little baby (even littler than I am now) my parents told me we were going to go to Hawaii for Thanksgiving. I'd never heard of Hawaii before, but it sounded like fun. They told me that we got to fly there. How cool! Well, it sounded cool anyway, until I realized what it was.

At the airport, I looked out the windows and saw the big planes. I was excited to get on
Once I got on, I realized it was going to be a lot squishier than I'd ever imagined. I have to sit on my parents' laps the whole time? What am I going to do?
I tried to be a good girl, so I smiled and acted excited still. Soon we were three hours into the air and mommy said we were halfway there.
Halfway? I couldn't believe it. I felt like we'd been on the plane forever. I'd been so good for so long, I couldn't imagine having to be on there any longer. I was sick of the same three toys my parents kept giving me and I was sick of hanging out on their laps. That's when I got sad. I began to cry
Suddenly an idea came to me. I would do something I had never done before and have never done since. I would pull a prank that would prove to those parents of mine that I was in control. 
I did it! I had a blowout so big that both my parents, their seats, all the blankets and all of our clothes were covered. 

Mommy had brought a change of clothes for me so I was fine. But her and daddy were smelly as can be.


  1. for us non-baby people...what exactly is a blowout? do I even want to know?

    1. Michele! You're so funny. Its a heck of a lot of poop. And maybe you didn't want to know that.

  2. My kids have BOMB diapers every time I get on a plane!! I've got a few horror stories just as bad as this one. Watch out mom and dad, kids poop like mad on airplanes!

    For example, last month when we went to Vegas, Jack was on poop strike (meaning he hadn't pooped for about 4 days). Well, it all came out on the plane and all over me!! Yuck!