Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Having a baby has made me do things that I wouldn't have otherwise done. Here's one such example.

Ruby woke up from her nap and I changed her diaper as usual. She was acting really hungry, so I didn't take the time to put her pants back on. We went into the kitchen and I began making the bottle. I measured out the water and put the scoops of formula in. Ruby got a little bit too excited. She reached out for it and knocked the bottle over and it splattered all over me. I barely even flinched as I set Ruby down, took off my soaking wet jeans (everyone hates soggy jeans), cleaned up the mess, and made a new bottle.

It wasn't until I was sitting with Ruby happily drinking her bottle that I looked down and realized something odd:

2 girls
2 T-shirts
2 sweat-shirts
0 pants

What similar situations have you found yourself in?

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