Monday, January 2, 2012


Mommy and Daddy took me to the Museum of Natural Life.
They told me I would get to see LOTS of stuffed animals.
I have some stuffed animals of my own that I love playing with.
I've loved my stuffed animals ever since I was a tiny baby.
 Look at the excitement on my face here.

I was sure excited to go play with so many at the museum.
Here I am in the car! Let's go!!!

What are these things?
They don't look like my stuffed animals at home

Mommy, what happened to these animals? No, seriously what happened?

My parents just make me take lots of pictures. I wonder
where I could get a pair of antlers like that for me.

Posing again. This time with Mommy

Afterwards we went out for lunch.
Look at me sitting up so tall like a big girl!

Come on parents! Get me some FOOD!

Maybe the waiter will help me...
"Excuse me?"

Oh, its no use...

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  1. A. I love Ruby's outfit! I loved that exact one! (For Bryn, not myself! I don't think they make it in 26T, but if they did...) B. What a fun day!