Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Getting out the grime

We all know that some places in the house just don’t get cleaned as well as others. A kitchen table can easily be wiped down, whereas I’ve never even ventured under the oven. I’ve found that there are some places in the house that should be cleaned[i] , but that aren’t cleaned very regularly because it is just TOO hard. So here I have my list of places that are VERY hard to clean along with the solutions I’ve come up with (maybe you can help me come up with better ones).

Problem:  Under Ruby’s chin. She has her cute chubby cheeks and her adorable double chin that are impossible to get a washcloth under.
Solution A: When she is lying on her stomach looking up, quickly come in and get all gunk out as fast as possible before she realizes what you’re up to and puts her head down
Solution B: Use a baby wipe almost like a piece of dental floss and slide it in the creases.

Problem: There is a lip on the sink plug that is big enough to let gunk and nasty grime in, but not big enough to clean it out.
Solution only (I wish I could think of a better one than this): Stick your pinkie finger in and fish it out.

Problem: A vacuum cleaner dated 1972 with no attachments makes it very difficult to clean the corners of our room.
Solution A: use a rag to wipe up the visible mess.
Solution B: buy a new vacuum cleaner (haven’t actually tried this one yet)

Problem: We have a very fancy looking soap dispenser in the shower that somehow collects grime at the spout of it.
Solution A: pipecleaners.
                Solution B: dishwasher gets some of it.

What other places do you find hard to clean? What have you done to fix the problem?

[i] I don’t think the “under the oven” necessarily NEEDS to be cleaned since no one goes under there anyway, right?


  1. hahah! I have tried both of your solutions for the "under-the-chin-cheese-factory"! So glad those days are past!

    1. That's a great phrase! I'm going to start calling it that!

  2. I've turned the little rubber thing under the sink stop upsidedown because that way the indent faces down and stuff doesn't get stuck in there. It still plugs the sink when I push it down so it seems to work and it's way easier to clean.