Thursday, November 17, 2011

Before I get too far into this blogging, I need to make it clear that I have the cutest baby in the world and the most fantastic hub in the world. Here's some pictures to show off.
First, here's my baby cute as can be. She's almost smiling here. She usually makes it clear that she thinks this sweater is ridiculous every time I put it on her. But I put it on her anyway... (it's cute, don't you think?)

 Ruby doing her kicks sporting her shirt Aunt Kara got for her (an ice cream cone and a donut jumping through a sprinkler). Not sure where those slippers came from, but I wish I had a pair:

                                      OK, check out that dimple. That melts my heart every day!

This is her the first time she ever ate solids. Wide eyed and begging for more.

                   "Come on mom, stop taking the pictures. I'm trying to hang out with my daddy over here."

                      "OK mom. I'll be in this picture with you this time. But I am not going to smile for it."

                                                       Is that an Elvis face she's giving us?

Don't know why I bought her an outfit that looks like an inmate. But she sure seems happy in it anyway. I guess if you're going to be in inmate clothes it's ok as long as you're lying on top of cool psychodellic (spelling?) fabric.

                                                         There's my girl. Cute as can be.

                I think she got drunk sucking on the elephant's trunk. I didn't know it was so dangerous.


  1. I love you Moll! We have the cutest baby!

  2. You do have the cutiest baby in the world, thats because she is a deadringer for Aunt Robin, Cousin Kristina and even me, GreatAunt Megan. Its the true Trusty look, cheeks, eyes, chin etc. If true to form, she will be tall, have to watch her weight, and be sooo Shirley Temple type when about age 6. She will be a good singer and probably an artist. Start her in training as soon as possible, send her to a school of the arts, do they have a pre-school for that? Love your blog and baby, good job kids.Love you.

  3. oh my wordy, she is cute and your comments on the pictures make me pee a little. :) I do, however, beg to differ: my baby is the cutest in the whole world!!!!