Friday, February 1, 2013

Please Interpret My Dream

This is my dream last night that I keep thinking about and am in desperate need (want) of some interpretation:

I was pregnant--in my third trimester but not about ready to pop yet. I was walking around some kind of place where a bunch of kids were and the lady in charge of the kids tapped me on the shoulder. "Excuse me, Ma'am," she said, "This just fell out of you--you just had your baby." She said it with the same tone of voice like she would use if a pack of tissues had fallen from my purse.

I looked down and did not see a baby at all--or at least not a real one. It was a doll. I was confused but she looked up and said, "Don't you want to take your baby?"

So I picked up the doll and suddenly a huge crowd appeared with tons of people congratulating me on my new baby. "Oh, she's so precious!" "Oh, how cute!" Then they started to get worried about me. "Don't you need to get to a hospital? You just had a baby!"

I looked around and said, "Well, I didn't even have any contractions. Don't you think I should have had one, at least?"

The crowd chalked it up to luck but told me I ought to get to the hospital. I kept looking at the doll I was holding wondering why everyone thought it was a baby. I began doubting myself "Well, maybe at the hospital they can do an ultrasound and see if I'm still pregnant or if this is a real baby."

Someone called 911 but after waiting a few minutes I called them back, "You know, I think I'll just have my husband take me to the hospital."

On the way to the hospital I kept staring at the doll. Every few minutes she would look like a real baby for about a second, but then look like a doll again. I walked into the hospital, bewildered, confused, and curious. Then the baby doll started crying and looked like a real baby. It sobbed and sobbed and I knew it was real.

Please interpret this dream for me. Or at least give me an idea!

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  1. What did you have for dinner last night and what did you watch on t.v.?
    My mom says our dreams are just our brains rewinding everything we have seen. Things get jumbled.

    1. Well my sister-in-law had a baby yesterday. Ruby played with her doll yesterday. I guess maybe you're right.
      But I'd like to think of it as something more exciting--some kind of personal understanding gained.

  2. I'm a believer! Some dreams are totally just random jumbles of crap. But specific ones like this I totally believe read into our psyche.

    New babies and/or pregnancy, "they" say, symbolize a new beginning. So, there's that.

    To have it come early and in a common everyday place like a grocery store I would think shows that the new beginning that you're expecting is happening sooner than you thought and not where you thought. So you can't see that it's real because it didn't have the validations you'd expect (contractions, hospital, timing.)

    So you're waiting for something valid or connected before you'll believe in this change or new something in your life, just like when you got to the hospital the doll was suddenly and obviously a baby.

    So, maybe you feel like you're in denial about something, either a big change or even just a change in yourself. And maybe you're feeling like other people can see it but you just can't. Sounds like you just need some validation. Like a dream.


    Oh yes, I went there and totally analyzed your dream. hahaha
    Want your palms read next?

    1. FANTASTIC! Love it.
      And next time I see you, I will be showing you my palm!

  3. Sounds like a scene from Monty Python - my husband made me watch the mommy scene from "the Meaning of Life".